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Version 4.9

- New Rustler Bomb Sysem

- Anti Rapid Fire

- Improved Duel System

- Improved Anti-Cheat System

- Improved Discord Chat

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Version 4.8

Call of Duty Server has been updated to V4.8


Removed >
Germany & African Teams
Added >
Arabian, Netherland and Turkey

- Base
Changed base of some teams
also added new 3 bases for new teams

-Class Selection

Changed method of class and team selection for players

-Clan System
New clan system with HQ and spawn point also upgrade able for having interiors and more slots

Changed main hud of game screen for players detailed information shows

-Bug Fixes reported from old version

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Version 4.7

- New map with community developers actors and labels.
- Changed afk messages to a label above player head to avoid spamming.
- Fixed /admins cmd and improved it.
- Changed the server name and added Maximum Gaming name inside it.
- Improved discord messages and #live-chat channel.
- Bug fixes.
- Anticheat fixes and improvements.

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Version 4.6

- Fixed some bugs
- Improved helper/admin system
- Added more features

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Version 4.5

- Nuke System - Added.
- Fixed Easter Eggs Bug
- Fixed Spawncars command
- Fixed /car command
- Changed Antenna's health to 5000 and will show as percents
- Fixed some unknown bugs.

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Version 4.4

- Added New Easter Eggs Feature
- Improved Anticheat system.
1- Added Anti-Kill All
And some more anti cheats!
- Improved AFK System
- New command added, /noduel to avoid annoying people.

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Version 4.3

Hello Dear Community, here we are with Verison 4.3.

- Added Discord Controller - Admins only for now.
- Improved Anticheat system.

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Version 4.2

Hello Dear Community, Finally we have worked on Anticheat system better.

- Auto kick when someone hacks, Anticheat version 1.3
- Changed the website color to red.

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Version 4.1

Hello Dear Community, After the hard work we faced with server crashing, we have fixed the issue.

- Improved the password system
- Admin names are now hidden in kicks/bans/warns/jails.
- Improved the crashing issue, I guess it completed now!

Lets WAIT for VERSION 4.2 !

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Version 4.

Hello Dear Community, I would like to announce that we have updated the server to a new version.

What have we done in version 4??

- Converted the script to MYSQL based (More security)
- Improved the Ban System!
- Fixed /top commands
- Updated login dialog code.
- Added stats reset upon connect
- Register system fixes
- Removed vehicle destroy score
- Removed the clan system to work on it once again!

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Clan System

Hello WW-IV Community, After a long time of working on clan system, we have added it in game but we are working to fix it a bit and make it better!
Stay with us for good updates!

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World War IV?

Call of Duty: World War IV was established by Droxx in late 2017, the server had a good run back then had a very stable playerbase, but due to some issues with the community management the community was closed.

Now the community is reopened by Droxx, and we have already surpassed our old playerbase. Along with that, our development is back active, with addition of new anti cheat and various improvements. We ensure that you will have a good time here!

General Information
Hostname: Romania National Trucking(v1.1)
Gamemode: Trucking
Version: 0.3.7-R2
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